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Responsive Website With HTML, CSS & Javascript

Welcome to today’s tutorial. In today’s tutorial, we are going to create a responsive design for a Meditation website. For this project, we are going to use HTML, CSS and a little bit of javascript.


  • Good knowledge of CSS.
  • Basic knowledge of CSS flex layout and grid layout.
  • Basic knowledge of media queries.
  • A little knowledge of javascript would be great.

Video Tutorial:

I have created a video tutorial on my youtube channel. This tutorial is broken down into simple and easy steps.


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Website Features:

The complete responsive website consists of a responsive navbar that collapses to the side nav in mobile and tablet devices. The side nav is toggleable on click with a smooth slide in and slides out transition.

The navbar links have a subtle yet captivating link hover effect. We also create a sticky header.

It also consists of a scroll indicator bar on the top of the website that shows the percentage of the website scrolled. We also have a scroll to top button that appears when the user scrolls a certain distance from the top. On click, this button takes you to the top of the webpage.

Download Source Code:

You can download this source code and many other source codes by becoming my patron on Patreon. I post exclusive source codes on my Patreon Page. You can click on the button provides below to go to my Patreon page.

Download Images/Icons:

If you have any trouble creating the project or downloading the source code/ assets, comment below. Also, I would love to hear your suggestions and feedbacks. If you like this tutorial, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more such videos.




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