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5 API Projects With Javascript

Hey everyone. Welcome to Coding Artist. Today I bring you a compilation of 5 API projects created with Javascript. Each of these projects uses a different API to create some easy and interesting projects.

If you are interested in improving your javascript skills by doing projects, check out this playlist. This playlist consists of about 70+ javascript projects. The complexity of these projects varies from easy to quite complex. Hence these projects are suitable for beginners to quite advanced students.

All of these tutorials come with free downloadable source code. Let us explore these projects one by one.

1. Pokemon Card Generator:

The first project is Pokemon Card Generator. In this project, we have a ‘Generate’ button. When the user clicks on the ‘Generate’ button, a pokemon trump card with random pokemon is displayed. This card consists of the pokemon name, image and some cool stats. The API used for this project is – ‘PokeAPI’.

2. Random Joke Generator:

Next, we have the Random Joke Generator Project. We have used this API for the project. This app has a sleek UI and consists of a ‘Generate’ button. When the user clicks on this button, we fetch jokes from the API. We then display one of these jokes randomly. This project is suited for beginners who have little to no knowledge of fetch.

3. Dictionary App:

The third project in this compilation is – Dictionary App. The dictionary app is my favourite project. In this app, we have a search bar. The user enters a word in the search bar and hits the search button. We then display the part of speech for the word along with its pronunciation. We also output its meaning and usage in a sentence.

4. Country Guide App:

The next project on our list is – The Country Guide App. In this project, the user enters the country name and hits search. We display an output that consists of the country name, country flag and other statistics about the country. This project is super-easy to create.

5. Quote Generator App:

In the final project, we have a Quote Generator App. As the name suggests, we generate a random quote every time the user clicks on the generate button. This is once a beginner-friendly project.

I hope you like these projects. If you have any queries, suggestions, or feedback drop them in the comments below.
Happy Coding!




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