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100 Javascript Projects With Source Code | Part 3

Hey everyone. Welcome to today’s tutorial. In this tutorial, we look at a compilation of 100 Javascript Projects with source code. Each project comes with a video tutorial and a free-to-download source code.

These are the third part of the 100 Javascript Projects series. You can check out the first two parts here down below.

Video Tutorial:

If you are interested in watching a compilation video of all the project demos instead of reading this blog post, you can check out the video down below.

If you like this video, subscribe to my youtube channel where I post new tutorials related to HTML, CSS and Javascript every alternate day. Furthermore, I post multiple choice questions related to HTML, CSS and Javascript. 

You can check out all these tutorials in one place in this playlist here. This playlist from my youtube channel now has over 100 javascript projects. The difficulty level of these projects varies from simple to quite complex. Hence the projects from this playlist are suitable for all kinds of learners including javascript beginners to experts.

The projects included in this video are:

  1. Simple Interest Calculator
  2. Interactive Panda Form
  3. Drawing App
  4. Captcha Generator
  5. Detect Battery Status
  6. Counter
  7. Time-Based Dynamic Greetings
  8. Flags Game
  9. Predictive Text On Input Fields
  10. Live Character Count
  11. Box Shadow Generator
  12. Product Image Zoom
  13. Testimonial Slider
  14. Working Record Player
  15. Generate Snowflake On Click
  16. Random Hex Code Generator
  17. Geometric Art Generator
  18. Get User Location
  19. Tabs
  20. Custom Video Player
  21. Form Validation
  22. Responsive Countdown To A Certain Date
  23. Monster Maker
  24. Random Gradient Generator
  25. Custom Icecream Majer
  26. Currency Formatter
  27. Spin Wheel App
  28. Detect Key Presses & Key Codes
  29. Fun With Text
  30. Copy To Clipboard From Input Element
  31. Detect User Browser & OS
  32. Get Mouse Position
  33. Number Trivia App
  34. Weight Converter
  35. Decimal-Binary Converter
  36. Random Number Between A Given Range
  37. Aspect Ratio Calculator
  38. Find Leap Years In A Given Range
  39. Pixel-EM Converter
  40. Random User Card Generator

I hope you enjoyed this project. You can watch the video tutorial for each of these projects on my youtube channel. Also, you can download the source code for these projects from my website. If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback you can comment below.
Happy coding!

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