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Hey Everyone. Welcome to today’s tutorial. In today’s tutorial, we will see 10 pure CSS games from codepen. when I say pure CSS I mean no JavaScript at all. Also, none of the games uses any kind of images icons etc.

The logic of this game is implemented only using CSS. Even though it is hard to believe let us take a look at these pure CSS games.

Video Tutorial:

If you would prefer to learn through a video tutorial rather than reading a blog post you can check out the video down below. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel where I post new tips tricks and tutorials regularly. Along with this I also post multiple-choice questions that will help you with your interviews.

Pure CSS Games:

1.A Pure CSS Game – You Must Build a Lighthouse.
Author: Ben Evans
2. Pure CSS Game: Stacker
Author: Jerry Low
3.🎯 🔫 Shoot the target!! HTML/CSS only game – Codepen Meetup 2017 – Alicante Frontend
Author: Aarón García Hervás
4.CSS Only Puzzle game
Author: Temani Afif
5.CSS Driving Game
Author: Alvaro Montoro
6.Coronavirus Invaders – CSS Pure Game (No JS!)
Author: Elad Shechter
7. Sunset CSS Slots – a game without JS/img/SVG/preprocessing or actual text.
Author: Piotr Galor
8. Pure CSS Connect 4
Author: Bence Szabo
9. Pure CSS (Sass) Carnival Game
Author: Una Kravets
10. Guess The Movie – a mini CSS game
Author: Ines

That’s it for this tutorial. I have linked source code to each of these tutorials, so if you face any issues with the code you can download the source code through their codepen links. Also if you have any queries suggestions and feedback let me know in the comments below. So which one among this was your favourite?

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