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5 Games Created With Javascript

Hey everyone. Welcome to today’s tutorial. In today’s tutorial, we will learn how to create 5 games created with javascript. To build these games we need HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Building games is a fun and fascinating way to improve your javascript skills. If you are looking for more such projects, you can check out this playlist from my youtube channel. This playlist consists of 80+ javascript projects along with source code. It consists of projects that are suitable for the beginner as well as advanced javascript developers.

Video Tutorial:

Tic Tac Toe Game:

The first project on this list is – Tic Tac Toe. Tic Tac Toe is a classic two-player game. You can also create a player Vs Computer version of this game.

The game consists of a 3×3 grid. Each player has to mark a box in the grid. The player who first marks three boxes in a row is the winner. Once a player wins or the game is a draw, we display the result screen. The result screen consists of a button to start a new game.

Monster Maker:

The next project is – Monster Maker. In monster maker, we provide the use of four buttons. With the help of these buttons, the user can customize the facial expressions of the monster, the monster colour, horn colour and tail colour.

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Monster Maker is an easy project for javascript beginners.


This is my favourite game on this list. The user has to choose one of the three categories. Once the user chooses a category, the computer chooses a random word from this category. The user now has to guess the word in 6 chances. To help the user guess the word, we provide the user 26 buttons each representing a alphabet

Rock Paper Scissor:

Next on the list, we have Rock paper scissors. This is a player Vs computer game. I would recommend this game for intermediate javascript developers.

Number Guessing Game:

Finally, we have the number guessing game. This game is well suited for beginner developers. We provide the user with an input field. The user has to guess a number randomly chosen by the computer. We also help the user by providing hints to guess the number.

So here were 5 games created with javascript. For more such projects, subscribe to my youtube channel, where I post new tutorials every alternate day. If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback drop them in the comments below.
Happy Coding!


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